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End-to-end customer management & integrated field operation technology

Express Medicals Ltd was established in 1996 and has developed into a key provider of Occupational Health, providing screening and drugs & alcohol testing services across a variety of business and industry sectors. The central aim of the company is the provision of a rapid, flexible and professional service and therefore continuously adapt their processes to ensure simplicity of bookings, availability of short notice appointments and the rapid turnaround of results.

As a rapidly growing business, Express Medicals recognised the need for a new booking system which could bring together differing client and site requirements and procedures. They needed the booking system to enable the regulatory tracking and storing of candidate medical history and provision of data for billing purposes, whilst ensuring exceptional service levels were maintained. Knowing an off-the-shelf solution wouldn’t be able to address their complex requirements, Express Medicals selected mplsystems to design a flexible solution which could be tailored around their diverse requirements.

IFS-mplsystems implemented an advanced cloud based customer contact solution that was flexible enough to manage the large amounts of bookings across multiple sites. This solution provides internal agents with a simple, intuitive, graphical user interface to help streamline the booking process. As a client calls in, the system prepares all available data including candidate history, procedure details and available dates and locations, to assist the agent with completing the booking efficiently. Agents are able to book appointments according to client’s individual rules and allocate on-site medical staff according to their location and skill set.

Alongside this core customer contact solution, Express Medicals have selected IFS-mplsystems to provide a secure online customer portal that will streamline the appointment booking process by allowing customers to effectively manage their own bookings with 24/7 accessibility. Alongside this, IFS-mplsystems will also implement a comprehensive online customer portal to drive more effective internal processes.

To create a complete end-to-end solution, Express Medicals and mplsystems plan to implement a tablet-based system for field-based medical staff, with electronic form filling for faster and more consistent communications across the organisation. This will be achieved through IFS-mplsystems’ mobile technology which will replace paper based forms with a secure electronic system that was securely integrated with back office systems.

As a result of the project, Express Medicals are now able to effectively manage an increased amount of bookings and ensure a clear chain of custody with secure and seamless communication of information. Since implementing this solution Express Medicals now effectively manage over 6,000 procedures per month which is a 250% growth in volume. It is estimated that this new solution will help reduce the time needed for each medical appointment by up to two minutes, delivering an immediate bottom line benefit worth some £60,000 per year.

“When investigating new technology options, we knew we needed a solution that would remove barriers to engagement, guarantee the ‘chain of custody’ for our testing samples, and also prove cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable for our business,” commented Richard Wilcox, Operations Manager, Express Medicals. “IFS-mplsystems was able to demonstrate that they not only had the end-to-end customer management, scheduling and booking and field operation capabilities, but also the expertise and skills needed to apply its intelligentContact and intelligentMobile components to create a next generation customer service platform that was specific to our business.”

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