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6) Consumers Will Gain Control Over Field Service

20th December, 2016

Consumers Will Gain Control Over Field Service: 

As the year draws to a close, so does our prediction series for 2017. For our last trend, we predict that consumers will finally begin to get more control of how field service, be it repairs or maintenance, is provided for them.

With companies moving towards getting the seamless customer journey right, their customer apps will allow the end user to gain control over even the smallest of details in their repairs and maintenance requests. This includes the options for customers to view, schedule and modify appointments online and for companies to have simple to complex issue-diagnostic tools in place on their websites, or in mobile apps.

For example, customers will now be able to see when their scheduled engineer is due to arrive for the completion of a job. If they wanted to pop out just before the appointment, they would also be able to use their app to see whether their engineer was stuck in traffic or just round the corner and then be able to plan accordingly. Alternatively, on popping out, the app would also allow the customer to deliver a real-time message to their engineer, notifying them of an entry code, should they arrive before the customer returns home.

Another example would be after an online self-diagnosis, customers would be able to order specific parts themselves, that can arrive on the same day that the engineer is scheduled to come. This would save any incidences where the engineer may arrive and charge for a diagnosis visit, if they don’t have the correct parts with them the first time, and then charging and arranging a return visit to fit them. Or perhaps the company’s online virtual assistant advises that a replacement asset would actually be more economical for the customer than repairing it, so they can take control and decide what would suit them best.

Having a portal where consumers can control their customer service and see the progress themselves is empowering for them and efficient for the contact centre as it ultimately reduces admin, repetitive requests and call queues, while considerably cutting down the time that an issue takes to be resolved, which is the overall objective for all parties involved.

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