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Customer Service CRM

Making Complex Customer Service; – Simple.

Getting the best from your contact centre staff means giving your agents a simple, intuitive interface, which brings together Customer Service CRM; complex process support; contact centre channels and enterprise customer data. In contrast to a traditional CRM approach, the objective is not to replace existing enterprise systems, but rather to present the agent with this data in a simple and intelligent ‘fit for purpose’ application, which guides the agent through complex requests, presenting data at the appropriate point to support decisions. What makes mplsystems really unique is the ability to configure these process-centric integrated applications in a matter of weeks, as opposed to the months or years that is typical of alternative solutions, which involve expensive customisation and integration.

The result is a customer service desktop which will slash the time an agent spends searching for data, knowledge and processing requests, whilst empowering front office staff to do more and deliver truly transformed customer experience. Increasingly, our focus is enabling agents to do tasks previously referred to the back office for an ‘expert’ to answer or process. Now instead an agent is provided with the tools needed to deal with the case immediately, without having to hand it off to the back office and so avoiding unnecessary delay and duplicate effort.


  • Customer Service CRM

    IFS-mplsystems customer service CRM provides agents with all customer data and details of multi-channel interactions in a single, intuitive user interface.

  • Unified Agent Desktop Software

    Our agent desktop software manages calls, email, social and chat and provides CRM and back office integration in a simple, intuitive interface

  • Chatbots & Self-Service

    IFS-mplsystems use advanced NLP text analytics with intelligentResponse module to identify, respond to and process text based customer service for self-service

  • Artificial Intelligence

    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED PROCESS AUTOMATION OF CUSTOMER SERVICE TASKS According to Gartner, by 2020, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will disrupt the jobs of 1,000,000 phone-based customer support agents and they are right to predict the rising importance of process automation in Customer Service. Advances in AI are enabling a new generation of automation solutions; however, AI […]

  • Social Media Customer Service

    IFS-mplsystems offer a solution for both social monitoring and dealing with social customer service enquiries.

  • Omni-Channel Process Designer

    IFS-mplsystems offers a unique Omni-Channel Process Design Tool, enabling the simple creation of blending, queuing and routing to provide real performance monitoring for supervisors in contact centres

  • Knowledge Base Software

    IFS-mplsystems offer knowledge base solutions for contact centre agents ensuring both agents and customers, always have the most relevant content