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IFS-mplsystems release report following Facilities Management Technology Survey 2015

2nd November, 2015

Workforce efficiency and delivering excellence in customer service continues to be a major challenge for many Facilities Management companies. One of the main reasons for this is that many FM organisations are still relying on disparate, legacy systems that can no longer manage not only the growing volumes of service requests but also the growing complexity and demand from customers.

Customers are now demanding a higher quality and more efficient service delivery than ever before and they want to be able to have full visibility and control over their service requests. Whilst many organisations have started to implement new systems and solutions to overcome this challenge, they often implement these technologies as standalone systems and therefore still struggle to manage the end-to-end service de­livery process, with the gaps in between systems being plugged by manual tasks which cause delays and errors.

To find out the current use of technology in the FM sector, IFS-mplsystems and Facilities Management Journal undertook a research project throughout September 2015. The survey included 9 questions which would help establish what different systems busi­nesses are using, the capability of their current solutions and the biggest challenges organisations face when implementing new technology for service delivery.

The survey was hosted on the FMJ website which led to over 250 professionals from the facilities management sector taking part. These organisations included a range of different sized businesses however the majority of respondents were smaller busi­nesses with 25 or less field based workers.

Key Findings:

  • Over 50% of help desk teams are using 4 or more systems to manage service delivery
  • 37% of respondents still use 4 or more vendors to deliver service management
  • Only 10% of businesses give their field workers the capability to grow revenue on mobile devices
  • 45% of businesses still do not provide online and mobile self-service technology
  • Contact centres and the helpdesk is viewed as the most critical area for businesses to remain competitive

Whilst it is clear that the FM sector is taking the right steps towards new technology to improve service delivery, there are still huge gaps in capability such as customer self-service and field workers mobile capabilities. Although the biggest concern when implementing new technology was cost of implementation, cloud based SaaS models and integrated end-to-end service management solutions are key game changers for the FM sector to reduce costs whilst improving efficiencies.

To read the full report please click here

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