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1) Intelligent Self-Service Options

15th November, 2016

Intelligent Self-Service Options: Throughout 2016, customer service has spread across conventional, private and social communication channels even further than ever. With each year bringing savvier customers, they now enter the service and support arena with a variety of possible context, knowledge and skill. Service itself has adapted to this so that it now engages with the individuality of the customer to bring them a more attentive and memorable experience.

With advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual assistance, customer experience within the service sector will continue to develop to transcend any previously rigid communication structures.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) further aids this progression as, rather than the simple searching of keywords or patterns, NLP is advanced text analytics where the system learns to recognise real language. With the NLP AI combination, customers can expect much more human-like service.

Furthermore, the next generation systems’ customers can expect not only to be able to have complex questions answered but also be provided with solutions to initiate customer service requests automatically, such as account changes, status updates, etc. If the technology gets confused and cannot process the request due to its complexity, it will seamlessly hand the correspondence over to an agent, thus maintaining an omni-channel experience for the customer.


Use NLP to determine why the customer has got in touch & dispatch the query either to the right human or provide an automated answer.


Companies will utilise these developments in technology much more in 2017, moving from the research, to the application stage, with various customer service features. No longer do consumers have to wait in IVR queues, or to be referred, and then have to repeat what they are calling about.

The ways in which the benefits from these advancements can be reaped in the contact centre are detailed in our thought leadership paper: How are AI & Virtual Assistance Changing the Contact Centre?


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