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  • Conversational AI

    Introducing Conversational AI in the Contact Centre

    18th September, 2018

    What happens when your contact centre is ready to stop talking about chatbots or conversational AI and wants to move something into action? The potential for AI and virtual assistance is vast and inspiring to executives and service leaders but knowing where to begin and how to develop an effective strategy is illusive and paralysing […]

  • Adding Artificial Intelligence

    Ensuring the ROI of Adding Artificial Intelligence

    5th September, 2018

    Adding artificial intelligence to the contact centre is an important decision that involves a significant investment of time, money, and resources. Because of this, when an organisation is ready to implement AI, it’s absolutely critical to identify how and when the new technology will deliver a return on investment. There are a number of ways […]

  • Customers hate AI

    Most Customers Hate AI & Chatbots for This...

    28th August, 2018

    There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to be more and more common in customer service and support interactions. Its versatility in expanding self-service options across channels, ability to capture robust customer insights, and efficiency in handling contacts make it a very attractive investment for contact centre leaders.  Customers realise this and are tolerant […]

  • AI Adoption

    Avoiding AI Adoption Mistakes

    21st August, 2018

    Many analysts are making predictions on the adoption of artificial intelligence, messaging apps, and the convergence of the two in customer service and support environments. These projections have many contact centre leaders wondering what they should, and shouldn’t, be focused on when it comes to AI adoption in the coming years. What about AI is […]

  • IFS-mplsystems Announce Enhancements to their Leading AI...

    14th August, 2018

    WARWICK, England –August, 2018 – At a time when customer service organisations struggle to integrate traditional channels like calls and email with digital self-service, IFS-mplsystems announces enhancements to their leading AI & virtual assistance solution – intelligentResponse. Introduced to the market in 2014, intelligentResponse has been further developed to solve such challenges, via its artificial […]

  • Customer Journeys

    Simplifying Customer Journeys for Agents

    7th August, 2018

    Our mission is to make customer service simple for everyone. Customer service in the contact centre doesn’t often equate to customer satisfaction. The sprawl of systems, processing tools and applications means that agents’ time is taken up gathering information rather than resolving issues. This infographic outlines how to transform agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction. […]

  • Omni-Channel Success

    The Foundational Pillars of Omni-Channel Success

    31st July, 2018

    Many organisations want to provide an omni-channel experience, but few are actually doing it well consistently.  If you’re a contact centre leader who’s been challenged with leading the omni-channel charge, you’re probably wondering what it takes to make, or break, a successful program.  More importantly, what are the components necessary for getting it right?  Achieving […]

  • Contact Centre Tool Effectiveness

    Why Agent Engagement Hinges on Contact Centre Tool...

    23rd July, 2018

    If organisations want to deliver a great customer experience, it’s important to create a great agent experience. Research consistently indicates a significant connection between an agent’s level of engagement and satisfaction and their ability to provide a positive customer experience. This is something that has a direct correlation with contact centre tool effectiveness. A study […]

  • Customer Experience

    How Disconnected Systems are Destroying the Customer...

    13th July, 2018

    When asked, most executives would indicate that one of their strategic priorities is to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX). Research supports that organisations increasingly acknowledge that the CX is an important competitive differentiator and it must be leveraged at all available opportunities. One of the most important places to ensure that people, processes and […]

  • Retail Service Experience

    How to balance people and bots in your retail service...

    3rd July, 2018

    One of the greatest stumbling blocks for organisations within the retail service experience is the transition from an AI-based interaction to live agent assistance. When done poorly, the effects ripple across both the customer and agent experience.  But, when the right balance is achieved, and the two systems work in harmony, both the agent and […]

  • Contact Centre Desktop

    The Contact Centre Desktop Data Mashup

    26th June, 2018

    The True Unified Agent Contact Centre Desktop Call & contact centres today have to make use of multiple software applications, systems and databases to handle customer queries. From ERP to CRM and finance systems, agents need to navigate numerous screens while keeping customers on hold to find all the relevant data. This infographic: The Contact Centre Desktop […]

  • retail customer experience

    Where does AI belong in the retail customer experience?

    20th June, 2018

    Where does AI belong in the retail customer experience? : One of the best first steps for successfully implementing artificial intelligence into your customer experience strategy is an evaluation of your self-service offerings.  A common mistake among AI implementations is a lack of review in existing self-service systems and a thoughtful plan to where artificial […]

  • Will AI eliminate humans

    Will AI eliminate humans in the retail contact centre?

    12th June, 2018

    When it comes to artificial intelligence, one of the most common questions in the mind of retail customer experience leaders is, “what will happen to humans when AI takes over?” “ Will AI eliminate humans in the contact centre? ” On one side of projections, analysts cite a dismal future for the role of live […]

  • Adding AI

    Adding AI to your Contact Centre Team

    8th June, 2018

    Your customers are more demanding than ever – and they expect service at their convenience. Your customer service function must adapt to avoid losing business – and this is where AI comes in: not to replace your human team, but to support it where it matters most. This infographic outlines the keys stats from only […]

  • AI and Customer Service

    The Emergence of AI within Customer Service

    25th May, 2018

    Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the contact centre industry. Much of the conversation has centred on chatbots or virtual assistants that respond to text and speech, but this is just one aspect of the wide-ranging, permanent effect that machine learning combined with process automation will have on customer service. Machine learning algorithms learn […]