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Leading Furniture repair specialist, Ecomaster, selects IFS-mplsystems for end-to-end service delivery solution

21st March, 2016

Ecomaster are the UK’s leading furniture repair and restoration company and works in partnership with many of the leading furniture manufacturers and retailers. Over the last decade the business has experienced steady growth and built an impressive customer portfolio and industry reputation as an approved supplier to major hotel and leisure groups throughout the UK.

As a result, the business soon realised that they were rapidly outgrowing their existing, off the shelf service management solution. The lack of integration across the business meant that processes were complicated, work load was often duplicated and they relied on manual paper based processes for parts of their service delivery. Their existing system was not only limited in functionality, they were unable to configure the system to deliver the improvements needed to meet their customers increasingly stringent SLAs which were being imposed.

“The applications that comprised our previous service management system did not deliver an efficient solution at key stages of the customer journey and was not designed in a way which allows for a seamless customer process from initial interaction to completion of a job.” Commented Dan Harrison, IT Manager, Ecomaster “We needed a solution that not only made service delivery better for our customers but also improved our internal processes and performance to meet the growing pressures of our customer’s SLAs.”

After careful consideration and a detailed specification, Ecomaster embarked on the expertise of IFS-mplsystems, who were able to configure a solution around their exact requirements and business processes. IFS-mplsystems implemented an integrated field service management solution which enables a seamless flow of information across the entire customer journey. The end-to-end solution comprises customer online portals, comprehensive service desk software, and dynamic drag-and-drop scheduling as well as integrated mobile apps for the team of 56 expert technicians.

Previously the service desk team had to call each individual consumer to confirm an appointment over the phone which was extremely time consuming and often needed multiple calls and re-arranged appointments. However the new solution allows Ecomasters customer to access an online portal and log a job themselves. The system will check for availability of a technician with the appropriate skills and allow the customer to selecting a time and day that suits them. They are then sent an automated text message for approval which then automatically schedules the appointment based on the availability and location of the team of technicians.

The solution combines automated scheduling and route optimisation with a live map view of technicians, all available calendars and a complete list of jobs. The visual nature of the scheduling application ensures that service staff can easily manage exceptions and optimise schedules if required, over and above the automation.

Once a job has been scheduled, the technician is sent a notification on a mobile app which includes all route optimisation, job details, outcomes, parts management, site audits and costing and billing information. IFS-mplsystems were able to integrate the mobile app with Ecomaster’s finance system allowing technician’s orders to be automatically invoiced, checked and processed, eliminating duplicate workload and paper based processing.

“With the new scheduling and route optimisation functionality the service desk team are not only able to schedule technicians more intelligently based on their location, but the app presents the technicians with detailed information as to the distance between jobs, travel time and best route to take. This has led to 80% reduction in time spent scheduling jobs on the service desk and has helped technicians get to jobs twice as quick as before.” Comments Paul Gresty, Managing Director.

To demonstrate the improved performance in service delivery and answer the increasing complex enquiries from customers Ecomaster knew that they needed to improve their reporting and analytics tools. With the new solution, customers are able to access a visual reporting dashboard through the online customer portal that provides them with bespoke reporting capability specific to their individual business KPIs. The reporting tool presents the customer with an in-depth analysis of each job case which allows them to identify common faults, photographic evidence from the technician’s mobile devices and all job history details they require.

Paul Gresty concludes “Since implementing the solution we have not only seen a significant improvement in operational efficiency but also customer satisfaction as a result of providing our customers with greater visibility and access. We are now exceeding expectations in meeting customer SLAs which is helping us drive the business forward in line with our ambitious growth plans.”

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