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2) Messaging Apps & Support

22nd November, 2016

Messaging Apps & Support: Leading on from our first prediction for the customer service trends of 2017, our second, is that of the messaging apps & support that is offered through them. During the course of this last year, it has become increasingly popular for customers to be talking to companies over WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and in 2017, mplsystems predict that this will become a standard way for customers to resolve their service requests.

Messaging Apps Support from Sapphire Jewellers

While B2C communication via apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Kik has grown in popularity over 2016; 2017 will see leading companies now comfortably adapting to these apps and allowing customers to manage their bookings, orders and services via them, as part of their online chat services.

Research shows positive feedback from customers and companies, inferring that messenger support will progress to the adopter stage in 2017. The benefits of this type of service, include:

Benefits for the customer:
Convenience for the customer as they receive service and support through an app they already use multiple times a day
The user can see when the other party is online and when a message has been read, which can often relieve pressure from the sender
When both parties are online at the same time, a live conversation is easy and flowing.

Benefits for the business:
Unlike the phone or live chat, messaging creates a permanent link to the customer, should they wish to initiate communication again in the future
Messaging keeps the context of one customer within one chat flow and with the right software, this will lead to a higher quality of service
Receiving a response through an app that the customer already uses several times a day reduces the issue of waiting if the support side are not instantly available.

If you’re considering investing in messaging apps for customer service beware of setting it up as a silo. Rather, messenger customer support should be fully integrated into the existing channels that the contact centre is already dealing with. We recommend a Unified Desktop to keep costs minimal and provide a 360-degree Customer view, while adapting to the ‘always-on’ consumer demands.


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