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3) Stronger Omni-Channel Integration

29th November, 2016

Stronger Omni-Channel Integration: Omni-channel is a term that started off as a buzz word and has now transpired into a concept that customers expect to find and that companies continually strive but fail to implement well. So many businesses are still working in separate silos when it comes to handling communication from different channels. It is important to note that the ‘omni-channel journey’ is not about how many communication channels a company provides for their customers, rather it is about them bringing all of their channels together, so that the customer and agent are able to flit between channels without ending the conversation.

To portray an example of a seamless omni-channel customer journey, let’s say that Joe Blogs has a broken boiler. At work he may have easy access to emails and so that is how he chooses to log the problem with his supplier’s service desk. In the evening, with a little more time, he is online on his phone, and having not yet received an email reply, he may choose to track his service request on the website. Realising that a visit has been scheduled for the next day when he is out at work, he then uses a messaging app to alter the time slot.

An automated chat conversation confirms an alternative slot, however when Joe requests an additional service the messaging conversation is seamlessly passed to a live agent to offer additional assistance.

Having an immediate view of the conversation to date on all 3 channels within the same desktop application, the agent chooses ‘click to call’ to extend the conversation, confirm entry details to the property and offer additional assistance.omni-channel integration

Having control over all channels via one system, the journey is just as seamless for the agent as for the customer. Furthermore, Joe never needs to repeat himself, is impressed by the quality of service and is happy to pay more for the additional servicing that the engineer will provide.

Although companies have strived to provide an omni-channel journey for their customers, the connectivity of their channels has stayed relatively low. Going into the new year, companies will need to invest in inter-connectivity of the channels to avoid losing customers to competitors.

The synergies that will be created from this refined and seamless service, will shape new standards of customer experience within the service sector in 2017.

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