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IFS-mplsystems Nominated for the Call Centre Helper Technology Awards 2018

28th March, 2018

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Call Centre Helper Top 10 Technology Awards 2018 for our intelligentContact solution.

The Top 10 Technology Awards were founded to recognise the best products on the market and help contact centre managers make informed decisions about the technologies they invest in. The winner is voted for by customers of the software, meaning that the results are a true indication of the solution’s effectiveness and performance within the contact centre environment.

Over the last 12 months, our intelligentContact solution has been considerably developed, further creating the opportunity for a seamless omni-channel customer service.

Our award-nominated intelligentContact – a truly AI-enabled omni-channel solution

intelligentContact not only has omni-channel contact routing, self-service IVR, call recording and workforce optimisation; it integrates all these channels in real-time and combines it with customer data from all the relevant, often disparate systems enterprises have, feeding it all into a ‘simple, single, CRM’ agent desktop view. The result is a customer-driven desktop which slashes the time an agent spends searching for data, knowledge and processing requests, whilst empowering front office staff to do more to deliver a truly transformed customer experience.

AI and machine learning enables relevant, contextual information from these systems to be delivered to the agent in real-time, guiding them through complex customer requests and processes.

AI functionality extends to the digital and voice self-service solutions, which provide customers with answers and process customer service tasks automatically. Chabot, virtual assistant and automated voice solutions are provided; using NLP and RPA to automate the processing of tasks, such as account changes; refunds; password resets; distributing brochures or debt collections; or seamlessly escalate to a human agent when required.

intelligentContact has enabled contact centres across Europe to transform agent productivity and ensure a fully joined up cross-channel experience.  As a Visionary in Gartner’s Contact Centre as a Service Magic Quadrant for the last 3 consecutive years, we are trusted by many leading European organisations to manage their end-to-end Omni Channel Customer journeys.


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