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Together Housing successfully deploy web chat solution from IFS-mplsystems

12th February, 2016

Together Housing Group, a leading provider of affordable rented homes across the North of England, have now deployed phase two of their multi-channel customer service solution from IFS-mplsystems. Phase two of the project introduced an advanced web chat function, alongside their existing telephone and email channels, to help Together Housing provide a true multi-channel customer experience to their large customer base of over 50,000 tenants.

Ian Swithenbank, Customer Services Performance Team LeaMder comments “Together Housing is really focused on providing our customers with the best level of customer service and to do this we want to provide them with a choice of channels to contact us on. As the digital environment is becoming increasingly popular among our customers we wanted to extend our offering by deploying an online web chat solution in line with our digital access strategy.”

The web chat solution has been deployed across five of the housing group’s regional contact centres; Chevin Housing Association, Green Vale Homes, Housing Pendle, Pennine Housing and Twin Valley Homes. To keep the regional identity of each of the group’s businesses and in line with their new website development, IFS-mplsystems individually branded each web chat solution.

A customer can now start a web chat conversation with the contact centre at a click of a button. The IFS-mplsystems iContact platform routes the enquiry to the most suitable agent, based on skill or location, connecting the customer to the contact centre almost instantly. The agent desktop software screen pops all relevant customer information on to their screen including the customers initial web chat enquiry, contact details, previous contact history and any tenancy information.

Although the agents are only managing one web chat at a time in the deployment phase, they will eventually be able to manage up to three live web chats at one time. If one contact centre become busier than others, iContact will route the web chat or other form of communication to another regional team to assist. This means Together Housing  will eventually be able to work as one virtual customer service team, helping improve the overall customer service provided by the Group.

“From a business point of view, we wanted to deploy a web chat solution to improve access for customers and help alleviate the high volumes of calls from the contact centre agents, so we could improve overall efficiency by handling multiple queries at one time. Although still in early stages of the deployment, we are looking forward to seeing the impact this will have on the contact centre and what our customers think about using this as a channel in to the customer service centre.” Concludes Stephen Batley, Group Head of Customer Services.

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