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Understanding why your customers are contacting you – POLL Results

29th March, 2016

On 17th March 2016 Paul White, CEO, mplsystems joined Call Centre Helper and an expert panel for a webinar to discuss “Why your customers are contacting you” and provide best advise on how you can best harness this information. Hosted by Call Centre Helper’s Editor, Jonty Pearce, the webinar heard from guest speakers Peter Massey and Colin Shaw to discuss topics including; quick ways to identify customers, reducing avoidable contact, first contact resolution and speech analytics.

During the webinar the audience were asked to join in by answering a set of questions regarding the webinar topic. These POLL results provided insight how businesses make sense of customer contact in their contact centres.

What is the best way to understand Why Customers are Contacting You?

3% The phone line they are called / IVR buttons pressed

28% Reason code in the CRM or Knowledge Management (KM) system

15% Customer surveys

21% Ask your agents

33% Listening to calls

How do you collect the reason codes

45% Reason code in the CRM system

6% Reason code in the Knowledge Management (KM) system

6% Reason code on paper

39% Reason code on internal system

3% Other

What percentage of your Contact Volume are Repeat Contacts?

4%; 0 – 4%

18%; 5 – 9%

53%; 10 – 24%

20%; 25 – 49%

4%; 50% +

Let us know what you think by commenting below or to watch the webinar recording please click here.

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