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White Papers

Our White Papers can be found below:

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  • Robot-vs-Human-e1526998955395-300x150[1]

    Robots Replace Advisors: Fact or Fiction?

    Exploring the adoption of AI in customer service to date and where it offers the most benefits, this paper provides practical guidance for customer service leaders to understand how to best progress your AI projects.

  • Multi-Channel-Mayhem_Web-Save-e1526388194190-300x150[1]

    Why Omni-Channel Without Unified Desktops Remains Multi-Channel Mayhem

    How do businesses move away from agents surfing multiple communication and enterprise systems, while reducing costs and customer frustrations? This paper considers the options available and draws on research which identifies the unified desktop as the essential tool.

  • Omni-Channel Contact Centre

    A Quick Guide to an Omni-Channel Contact Centre

    Tasked with delivering Omni-Channel service? Struggling with different systems for calls and emails and need to introduce chat and social media? This whitepaper explains what Omni-Channel is all about, how to achieve it and the benefits that it brings.

  • modern-contact-centre-unified-desktop-e1523623187131-300x150[1]

    Ventana Research Perspective Omni-Channel Customer Experiences 2018

    Delve into the modern day contact centre solution with a unified agent desktop to avoid multi-channel mayhem. For successful customer service and seamless experiences, organisations must deploy a single view of the customer.

  • Pitfalls to look out for & avoid when implementing AI in the contact centre

    Looking to deploy a chatbot/virtual assistant/other digital customer self-service channels? Beware of the most common pitfalls that failed AI projects fall victim to within the contact centre.

  • Chatbots

    A Quick Guide to…AI, Virtual Assistance & Chatbots in the Contact Centre

    The age of automation has dawned, and the innovative technology behind it, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is increasingly prevalent in the workplace. In the customer service and support sector, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 25% of operations will integrate technologies across engagement channels, compared with the current 10%.

  • Top 5 self-service technologies in field service management

    Evaluation of the Top 5 Customer Self-Service Technologies for Field Service

    We explore the top 5 self-service solutions in field service management today and how the transitioning role of the customer and proliferation of mobile devices is driving their demand.

  • boost efficiency

    Mobile App Features that will Transform the Efficiency of your Field Based Workforce

    In an age dictated by fierce competition and autonomous consumers with reduced loyalty, getting the mobile solution for your field workers is key to boost efficiency, transform the customer experience and increase operational efficiency. Our whitepaper outlines the 8 simple features that you should look for when considering investing in a field service mobile app. […]

  • artificial intelligence

    How are Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Assistance Changing the Contact Centre?

    Contact centres will increasingly be subjected to dominance by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the near future. This paper will look at the technology options and recommend best practice to reap the benefits within the customer service sector.

  • Omni-Channel Engagement

    A Quick Guide to Omni-Channel Customer Service

    This white paper will explore the difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel customer service and highlight how the growth in customer demand is driving the adoption of Omni-channel customer service.

  • Unified Agent Desktop

    4 Key Factors that Define a Unified Agent Desktop

    In order to provide the level of customer service customers are now demanding, agents need to have instant access and full visibility of customer data from across the business from a single, easy to access place

  • customer service excellence

    7 Key Steps to Achieving Customer Service Excellence in the Service Industry

    This paper discusses what customers expect from service delivery and how businesses can adapt processes & technology to improve customer service excellence

  • Top tips to make email, chat and mobile customer service cost-effective and responsive

    Paul White, Customer Engagement Solutions Director of IFS-mplsystems discusses best practice for handling email, chat and mobile channels and how to efficiently manage these channels in the contact centre

  • Social Email and Chat

    Social Email and Chat Best Practice

    This white paper provides best practice for Social, Email and Chat in Contact Centres and highlights the issues to consider for an implementation strategy.

  • Cloud Contact Centres: Shaping the cloud around your business requirements

    This paper will explain what Cloud means in the context of contact centres, discuss the common concerns and how they can be addressed.