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7 Key Steps to Achieving Customer Service Excellence in the Service Industry

Over the last few years we have seen major change in the nature of our customers; they are now expecting, and demanding, much more from customer service. In fact, nearly 70% of customers will leave a business if they don’t receive the customer service they expect. Customers are now demanding quicker response times, more visibility, more control and much more knowledge when speaking to the customer service team. Alongside this, with the growth of mobile devices and the rise of generation Y, customers are now wanting to communicate with a business across more channels than ever and are expecting a consistent level of customer service across social media, web chat, messaging and email.

Everyone knows that today’s customers are better connected and better informed and these factors mean it is far harder for service businesses to retain customers and engender loyalty. It is therefore important to understand what customers expect from service delivery and how they can adapt their processes, technology and people to improve service delivery excellence.

This paper will analyse what factors influence customer perception of the quality of service delivered, how we measure it and ways service business can improve customer service excellence in the service industry.

  • Successfully measuring service quality to improve performance
  • Providing a consistent level of customer experience across all channels
  • Boosting employee knowledge through strategic knowledge sharing
  • Giving the customer more control with self-service technology
  • Motivate and train your technicians to go beyond basic repair
  • Up-skill help desk resource to provide remote service
  • Stay one step ahead of the customer with proactive maintenance
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