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Pitfalls to look out for & avoid when implementing AI in the contact centre

Looking to deploy a chatbot/virtual assistant/other digital customer self-service channels within the contact centre?

Innovating with a fast evolving technology that most people have little practical exposure to, can be risky. Being over confident in what AI can do, unaware of what it takes to make it work, or just too confused and worried to decide, only makes things worse.

Every organisation needs to manage these risks and move forward to competing in an AI driven economy. That said, much has been learnt even within the small period of time that AI has become a mainstream topic and must-have foundation capability. Factoring these lessons into your game plan will make you more effective and successful.

This whitepaper looks at why so many AI projects fail when implemented in the contact centre and outlines a staged approach to a more realistic and manageable transition to these technologies.

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