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Top tips to make email, chat and mobile customer service cost-effective and responsive

A recent webinar, hosted on in partnership with IFS-mplsystems, a leading multi-channel contact centre software provider, addressed the future of text-based mobile customer service. Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures at BT gave webinar attendees a little perspective about where BT thinks things are going in the future, what channels will be most important and how getting to grips with Omni-channel is essential as digital channels increase in terms of complexity and contact centres start to create dialogue with the customer.

While Paul White, Customer Engagement Solutions Director of IFS-mplsystems was on hand to discuss best practice for handling email, chat and mobile channels and how call centres are finding new ways to efficiently manage these channels and integrate with your voice-based infrastructure. He also covered how to empower agents to focus on the high-value interactions that are so important to the business.


  • Putting customer service channels into perspective
  • The future of the contact centre
  • Changing customer service channels in the here-and-now
  • Typical issues with email and chat
  • What can be done to improve text-based customer service channels?
  • Looking towards a future of text chat
  • Understanding the typical types of text-based queries
  • Making email and chat work: The benefits
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